Own Your One Thing + Share It Everywhere

Once you're clear on who you're trying to reach on social media, it's time to clarify and own your "one thing".

The more you can infuse your content with your one thing, the easier it will be to attract your ideal customers on social media . Others will feel the strength of your brand and will be naturally drawn to you. It will be effortless to build an incredible online community.

What's the "one thing" all about?

Your one thing is the thing you were born to do and is comprised of your personality, the gifts you were born with, and the skills and knowledge you’ve learned. Your goal is to find the intersection between what your target audience wants and your passions.

Use the prompts below to get crystal clear on who you are and what your brand stands for.

Ask yourself:

What are you great at?

Everything in your life up until this very moment has shaped who you are today. There are the things you’re naturally great at, the things you love doing, and the skills and knowledge you’ve picked up over the years.

What you want to do is find the intersection where your gifts, talents and skills are unique enough to stand out on social media.

Look at others in your niche.

Where are the holes in what they're doing? How can you differentiate yourself?

For instance, there's a TON of competition in the online marketing space, but I know that my "one thing" is converting customers. That's my angle. That's the lens I look through when I'm writing a blog post, designing a social media image, or drafting a sales page. And it's largely due to my previous experience and training.

Think about the things that you do really well and know a lot about.

Sometimes it helps to recall what other people say about you and the compliments you receive. This will give you some insight into why customers are (or will be) attracted to you.

There’s a reason those things stand out to them. Your expertise and talents are shining through. What do you like about what they say? Which ones do you want to change?

You want to leverage this to attract your dream customers on social media.

Standing out and being able to do something really well doesn’t always mean that it fills your soul. You can be really great at washing dishes, but you may not love doing it.

Which things bring you the most joy? What are you most passionate about?


We all have ideas about how we think we should be. Don’t let those ideas cloud your authentic true self. I want you to really dig in and be honest about how you see yourself and your brand.

That’s where your secret sauce is, and it’s how your one thing is going to shine through on social media.

Remember, when you know what your brand stands for, you help define it for people. Don't make them figure it out on their own (you may be surprised at what they see!).

You have to share your story and your mission everywhere on social media so that people know what box to place you in.

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