One Thing at a Time!

Social media has helped me build an audience, sell products, and drive massive amounts of traffic to my business. I know it can do the same for you!

I also know that there’s a TON of information in this course, stuff that might seem overwhelming at first. I've included everything I’ve learned from over 2 years experimenting with what works ( and what doesn't). I know there's a lot in here for you, and I want to make it super easy for you to digest what you learn so you can put it into action with ease.

Here's how I recommend approaching this course:

1) First, go through the entire course once.

This will give you have a high-level view of the steps involved with creating a social media strategy.

2) Next, head back to Module #1 and get ready to implement each module on TWO social media sites.

The reason I want you to narrow your focus to just 2 social media sites is that you'll get the best results this way. If you try to tackle all of them at once, you'll wind up feeling buried vs conquering them one by one. Make sense? Your quickest path to success is to rock 1-2 sites at a time.

3) Finish each module before you move on to the next.

Once you've chosen the 2 sites you're going to dig into, take the time to implement each module. Whatever you do, don't skip ahead! One module is designed to be a platform for the next, much like building blocks. You'll get to the finish line faster if you comb through each module slowly instead of giving it a quick brush.

Some modules will take a week, others will take 2-3 weeks and still others may take months. That's perfectly okay. Don't get flustered if certain lessons take you more time than you thought.

4) Master the sites until you see results.

Once you’ve gone through the modules, spend even more time digging into your social media sites. This means that you’re finding the best times to post, the best content to share, and the right frequency. You're also:

  • Testing image titles, descriptions, and designs to see which ones grab people’s attention and get the most engagement.
  • Checking Analytics to monitor performance and see how you can improve.
  • Creating and sharing content consistently.
  • Tweaking the settings of your scheduling tools so they do more of the work for you.

5) Rinse and repeat.

Once you're getting the results you want from your first 2 sites, it's time to do it all over again! Pick another social platform and head back to Module #1. Woop woop!

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