Checklists + Worksheets

**READ THIS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING** These are public files that everyone with access to the Design Templates can see. If you begin editing the template without first copying it, you will change the template for everyone, plus everyone will be able to see your personal files. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS TO USE THIS TEMPLATE:

1) First, make a copy of this template. To do that, select Design > Make a Copy from the top blue menu bar. A new window will open and this will be your editable copy.

2) Change the name of this new file. This will be your branded template. I recommend saving all branded templates to a folder called "Custom Templates".

3) Make a copy of the branded template. Every time you start a new design, select the branded template and make a copy. Change the name of this new file. This is the file you can edit as your design project. 

You can access the templates right here:

"Checklists" and "Worksheets" are simple one-pager's. Then there's a 5-page detailed checklist with three front covers to choose from.

Checklist templates are sized to 8.5 x 11 inches, with three styles to choose from:

1) Simple Checklist – single page without a cover

2) Simple Checklist – single page with cover

3) Detailed Checklist – multiple pages with brief descriptions for each point plus action steps for people to take.